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Fairfield, United States
happy, adventurous and seeking now. Recently moved to Launceston and really miss contact with other females. Am a stay-at-home mom of 3, eldest 2 are at school and youngest just turned 3. Would love to meet others in the same situation from the Launceston area. Looking mainly for friendship, but as I said I am open to anything else that may develop. If you had a young one that could play with mine it would be a great bonus, if not please understand what being a parent entails.

First letters of A Bi Lover Asks Sincerely Openly at Home Only Time May Act In Love might help you find me.
Hope to hear from you soon as this can be a very lonely place although I do have a wonderful partner who supports and encourages me.
Looking for
Friendly DTE females who know how lonely it can be in a new town. Would love to meet for chats over a coffee/tea and then just take things from there. Just friendship would be great but if we click in other ways then that is good too.

Couples please note I am a part of a couple and any contact will only be as a couple. If looking to hook up with us sexually then we are into exploring BDSM and have found unless those dynamics are there then it just doesn't work for us.

Females, I am doing this for me but it will be with my partners full knowledge and approval. Very adventurous but am best with a take charge type of woman, is this you?