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Ann Arbor, United States
I am honest faithful passionate romantic

I have been alone since i was twenty eight

I am now fourty
I want to love one woman for the rest of my life
I love camping and snowmobiling fourwheeling

I love good food and I am a great cook
I like fishing and winter cabin camping
I am passionate about life

I am young at heart sexually because of being alone so long

good loving making is five hours not five minutes

I would love to meet one person that actually wants to be married and love one person for the rest of their life

I think an austrailian accent is the sexiest in the world

I am Robert
Looking for
a honest woman that wants to be loved

and she wants to have a good marriage

regular passionate loving making/hotsex

which ever she prefers

someone to go grocery shopping with
fishing with camping with

I love God and want to love one woman for the rest of her life

thats a good marriage TO LOVE ONE woman
to be faithful to one woman
through the good and the bad the hard and the easy

I want a woman that wants to be loved and knows how to love a man back